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Oregon Area Code Overlays
(503 and 971) - (541 and 458)

Oregon is currently using four area codes. Oregon had one area code split in 1997 when area code 503 was split to form area code 541. Oregon has two area code overlays, area code 971 partially overlays area code 503, and an additional overlay took effect on February 10, 2010 when area code 458 was overlaid on area code 541.

Area code 503 originally covered all of Oregon when it was established in 1947. It was forty-eight years later in 1995 that Oregon experienced sufficient growth in population and telephone use to need an additional area code. It was at that time that area code 503 was split to form area code 541.

Today area code 503 covers northwestern Oregon including Portland. Area code 541 and 458 covers the rest of the state except northwest Oregon.

Changes and History of Oregon Area Codes:

Area code 503 was put into service. In 1995 area code 503 was split to form area code 541. In 2000 area code 503 was partially overlaid with area code 971.

Area code 541 was put into service. Area code 541 was created from a split of area code 503.

Area code 971 was put into service as a partial overlay of area code 503.

Area code 971 service area was expanded to overlay all of area code 503.

Area code 458 was put into service as an overlay of area code 541.

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