About US

Areacodehelp.com was established in March 2006. Our knowledgeable staff has over 30 years experience. We are a trusted source for area code information in the United States and Canada.

We work hard researching area code usage for locations throughout the United States, Canada and many Caribbean nations to provide you up to date, accurate information. In addition, we provide information about area code changes, toll-free numbers, locations requiring ten-digit dialing, and international dialing procedures.

We also have developed an excellent international dialing tool that assists users with making international phone calls.

For many years, prior to the establishment of areacodehelp.com, our lead developer was an expert at building computer information systems that could be accessed by telephone from all area codes throughout the country.

Our office is located just outside the Research Triangle Park area in North Carolina near the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke University and N.C. State University.

Mailing address:

Areacodehelp.com P.O. Box 14772 Research Triangle Park, N.C. 27709