Area Code 431

Area Code 431 is in Manitoba

Manitoba Area Code Overlays
(204 and 431)

Area Code 431 History:

11/03/12 Area code 431 was officially put into service as an overlay of area code 204. Area codes 204/431 cover the entire province of Manitoba. Mandatory 10 digit dialing is required.

Ten digit dialing (area code + seven digit number) is necessary in the 204/431 overlay because two different homes in the same geographic area can have the same seven digit phone number but each would have a different area code.

Major cities or places in Manitoba within area code 431 include:

Area codes 204 and 431 serve the larger communities of Brandon, Portage la Prairie, Selkirk, Steinbach, Swan River, Thompson and Winnipeg in addition to the entire province of Manitoba

Manitoba Area Code Map

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